Poland Travel: 5 Essential Tips for Traveling to Poland


With the list of Poland Tours, Poland Tours Packages, or Escorted Tours to Poland, we want to help you prepare and organize your Tours of Poland. It is one of the most beautiful and unknown countries in the European Union.

How To Start The Trip To Poland?

The first and most important thing is to be clear if your trip will be a getaway, during which you can visit one of its best-known cities such as Krakow, Warsaw or Poznan.

Let's Do Poland Travel

Poland is known as Krakow, one of the most impressive cities in the world. Poland has many more incredible places, such as the city of Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Zakopane or Gdansk, among many others, which we are sure, will be part of an unforgettable Poland Tours. Check out the amazing Poland Tours Packages here.

Based on the experienced Tours of Poland from Krakow and the route through the country, we want to leave you with 5 essential tips for Poland Travel.

You can check Poland Tours Packages and book Poland Tours and excursions with us.

What Is The Best Time?

As we always say with most destinations, the best time for Poland Travel depends on the activities you want to do and, above all, what you are looking for in the country. Despite this and in a general way, we believe that time is a very important factor, so we leave you the times that we believe are better to visit the country.

High season (from May to September): These months are the most frequented by tourists, especially in Krakow and the most tourist places in the country.

Mid-season (March, April, and October): good weather is usually present, and except for Easter days, the tourist places are usually much less crowded.

Low season (from November to February): it is the least recommended time to travel to Poland since the weather is usually much colder and rainier, except for Christmas. Many travelers come to the country to enjoy the markets.

Remember that if your trip is during the high season or holidays, it is highly recommended to reserve accommodation, transport, and flights in advance. Enjoy our Poland Tours Packages. Click to join Escorted Tours to Poland.

Entry Requirements

If you are a citizen of the European Union, you will only need your ID or passport to travel to Poland. If having another nationality, it is important to consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy to have updated information on the entry requirements.

In addition to the documentation mentioned above, it is important to carry the European Health Card to make a trip to Poland. With it, you can receive medical assistance if necessary. It is also important to consider hiring the best travel insurance for Europe if you want to have medical assistance in the best hospitals and have repatriation included if necessary.

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Coverage With Insurance

Due to the current health situation, all insurance includes medical assistance in case of corona virus infection. In addition, it is also included the extra stay you need in case of contagion by quarantine and, of course, the test in case it is necessary.

In addition, the extra cancellation option includes special coverage for illness or death of a family member or the traveler himself due to COVID-19.Another advantage of taking out insurance is that you can contact them if you need to have a PCR and have an exclusive discount.


At a general level, we can say that traveling to Poland is safe. Despite this, it is important to travel with common sense, both in this and in other destinations, and try not to leave valuables unattended or find out about unsafe places if you are in a city you do not know.

In addition to this, if you are going to travel to Poland or any destination in the world, it is advisable to carry a copy of your important personal documentation in the cloud, such as your ID, Passport, travel insurance policy, or driver's license. In this way, it will be much easier and more agile to carry out any type of procedure in case of loss or theft.

Money Exchange

Do not forget that although Poland belongs to the European Union (EU), it does not have the euro as its currency, its currency being the zloty (PLN) with a current conversion of 1 euro = 4.37 zloty.

  • Some businesses accept Euros in cities like Krakow. It is important to be clear that you will need to have local currency to travel to Poland.
  • At the airport or even at the bank of the country of origin, after many trips, we recommend you pay as much as possible with a card and withdraw directly from the ATM to have the best change.
  • We always recommend using the N26 card. It is the one that we use, it is free, and it will mean a great saving.
  • It is also necessary to carry cash to make payments in businesses that do not accept cards or tips.
You can check Poland Tours Packages and book Poland Tours and excursions with us.
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