Lawn Care and Maintenance Services


Tired of searching 'gutter cleaning near me?' This guide will equip you with sound knowledge about lawn care and maintenance services.

Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Gutters allow you to move water draining away from your house to a safe drain location near your property. If you neglect your gutters and they drain, leak, break, or clog, you may experience unwanted consequences. This is why it is mandatory to pay attention to the maintenance of your gutters. Better safe than sorry!

When Should You Clean Your Gutters?

The frequency of cleaning your gutters is entirely dependent on what surrounds your house and where you live. However, the role of thumb is to clean them twice a year, once in fall and the other in spring. It's still a good idea to check the gutters once every month to ensure that their working condition is fine. Just climb up the ladder and do a quick inspection to see if there are any issues or clogs that need correction.

Ideal Timing for Gutter Cleaning Services

If you live in a moderate temperature with some trees surrounding your house, it's recommended that you clean the gutters once every fall after the leaves have left the trees and once during the spring before encountering consistent rain. If you live in a desert, cleaning during the cooler months of the year will help, ideally before the rain.

Tip: Clean Downspouts with Your Gutters

You should absolutely clear out the downspouts and make sure no clogs remain inside while you're at it. Take your hose up to that of the gutters, run water through them, ensuring that the water is heading where it should, without stopping or pooling anywhere, even in the downspouts.

When to Repair or Replace Your Gutters

While cleaning your gutters if you notice anything wrong with them, it's suggested that a closer look is taken and what sort of issue you're dealing with. Often, when a mess or clog is neglected long enough, it may start causing leakage in the gutters, creating more problems.

Other problems that are readily noticed are cracked metal, bent downspouts, sagging gutters, punctures or holes of any kind. While many of these may not seem like daunting issues at the time, they can easily develop into worse problems shortly.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

There is no set cost to clean the gutters of every home. Usually, it is based on the length of the gutters, size of the house, and the time taken. Don't hesitate to contact a professional agency for all your gutter cleaning needs.

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