ISO Certification Cost: What Is The ISO 9001 Certificate?


Are you trying to find out the ISO Certification Cost? But, before we move on to figure out the ISO 9001 Certification Costs; let's find out what The ISO 9001 Certificate is for? The ISO 9001 Certificate certifies that the activities of a company comply with said ISO quality standard. This means that working in the company meets certain requirements that guarantee the quality of its activities. Therefore, the products and services to be offered will reduce errors, and increase customer satisfaction will be sought.

Although, to understand what the cost of ISO 9001 Certification is, we must first understand what ISO standards are and why they were created.

What Is ISO?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It is the International Organization for Standardization, and it is dedicated to creating standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products and services. They are the so-called ISO Standards.

The ISO is currently present in 164 countries and is a non-governmental and independent organization. There are currently more than 22,000 standards written covering all industries, from technology and food safety to agriculture and health.

Since When Do ISO Standards Exist?

The ISO organization was founded in 1926 as the International Federation of National Standardization Associations (ISA). During World War II, it was temporarily suspended. After the state of war, the United Nations proposed the re-founding of a standardization organization through the United Nations Standards Coordination Committee.

Where Is The ISO Headquarters?

ISO headquarters are currently located in Geneva, Switzerland, and it works in 195 countries.

ISO Member Countries

The ISO organization has 164 member countries divided into three categories: body, correspondents and subscribers.

Body: National bodies considered the highest representation of the country and the only members of the organization with the right to vote.

Correspondents: These members do not have their standards organization within their country. ISO standards operate in these countries but do not participate in the creation of these standards.

Subscribers: They are smaller countries, which pay fees to follow the development of the standards.

How Is The ISO Organization Financed?

Today, there are more than 22,000 different ISO standards. Each of them is focused on the standardization or regulation of an element of the services and/or products. The most common of them all is the ISO 9001 certified standard, focused on business quality.

ISO is funded through other organizations that bring experts to contribute technical work, by subscriptions from member bodies, and by the sale of standards.

ISO 9001 Certificate

The ISO 9001 standard, belonging to the ISO 9000 family of standards, draws up the standards for a Quality Management System. It does so through guides and tools that ensures the quality of the companies' products and services. From SMEs to large companies, all types of companies can be certified with the ISO 9001 standard, regardless of their economic activity.

The ISO 9001 quality certificate is customer-focused. It also motivates all the certified company workers and impacts the management, achieving continuous learning and improvement. Connect with us to understand the ISO 9001 Certification Costs.

Benefits Of The ISO 9001 Certificate Standard

The implementation of the ISO 9001 certificate standard by the company means great benefits:

  • Structural benefits that will be converted into economic benefits;
  • It encourages the participation of the company's top management;
  • Trust is generated towards our clients.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Company Certification is an essential instrument to provide security and reliability in the markets. Companies differentiate themselves from their competition by increasing the satisfaction of their customers and the productivity of their services/products.

Trust is the basis for prosperity and high profitability. Our suppliers, shareholders, workers and people in our business environment will trust the products and services we offer, and satisfaction will be achieved in commercial activities.

What Are The Types Of ISO Certification That Exist?

Depending on the sector of your company, there are different ISO standards. Some of them are the following:

  • ISO 14001 Certification obtained after the Implementation of Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 45001 Certified when implementing an Occupational Health and Safety System
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Systems Certification
  • ISO 15189 Certificate when implementing Quality Systems in clinical laboratories
  • ISO 37001

The ISO and quality certificates enhance the prestige of organizations and allow interested parties to be informed that quality and transparency guidelines are being followed in all processes. Call us for all the information on ISO Certification Cost.

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