How To Choose Your Wedding Videographer


Did you know that there are virtually endless ways of making a fantastic wedding video? However, since we are human beings, we love to categorize things into genres or styles. Every videographer has his own signature style (light and airy, dark and moody, romantic, fast, slow but at the same time we all follow some general rules. There are many, many styles in wedding videography, especially regarding editing style of the final video product and it would be impossible to present all of them so, here are couple of popular styles you might like to choose from:

Last, but actually the most important, take in consideration the quality of work.


A cinematic wedding video is filmed and edited to have that cinema movie feeling, with a goal of emphasizing the emotion and feeling of the day. It may rely more on the style of editing and music to present the wedding with all video tricks and transitions, but also the personality of the couple in an interesting and compelling way. The video might not be in chronological order, skipping from the vows, to getting ready, to your walk down the aisle, to toasts, to dancing. They can be fast and funny or slow and romantic, or all the combination in-between, depending on the 'feel' of the wedding and the couple. The "cinematic" style has definitively become the new norm in wedding videography.


This is the option that is closer to more traditional wedding video. Sometimes referred as "documentary" or "reportage" it is basically a chronological video of the wedding, the way it happened, in its most extended form. This style is one that is more straightforward, capturing every aspect of your big day, from your preparation to your march out. Wedding videos that follow the journalistic style are essentially the summary of the day, without as many effects or transitions seen in the cinematic style.

Let's talk prices

First, one part of the price depends on the final video product/s that you'll receive. It can slightly differ from company to company but mainly you have two final video products: short - Teaser, Highlight or Feature Film, and long final video product - Documentary Film. To keep it simple, short video product is modern, sweet, highly edited product suitable for social media sharing and long video is more traditional, slower form, with complete ceremony, vows and speeches included.

Second part of the price would be with how many videographers the day was covered and for how long, whether you would like aerial footage taken etc.

To recap, the number of hours filming, how many videographers will be working and which video products are included in package will all influence the pricing.

Last, but actually the most important, take in consideration the quality of work.
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