Heavy Lift UAS: A New Era of Drones for Firefighting


Viking, Skyfire's design and manufacturing arm, has a The 20-year history of design innovation and has acquired more than 600 Bespoke aircraft platforms - the first of which was approved by the FAA under Part 103 regulations. "Optional human multimeters are also included.

Specializes in Viking heavy lift drones - with a payload capacity of 350+ pounds. Methods of fighting wildfires such as catastrophes are changing. For example, the Fire Department using firefighting drones can now fly water, fire suppressants, tools, and other emergency supplies through extreme wind and smoke conditions without endangering helicopters and pilots. Also, firefighters have a quick and safe way to evacuate from emergencies, such as an uncontrolled fire that engulfs them.

A rigorous flight test program based on thousands of hours of CAD design, aerodynamic / payload simulation, and the Military Air Veterans The program has achieved a heavy lift multi-copter that will enhance firefighter safety with conventional human aircraft not possible.

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