Full Body 4D Massage Chair


Kahuna never disappoints when it comes to contemporary looks and unique massage chair functions! Kahuna's most recent 2021 arrival is the Kahuna EM 8500. It is a 4D massage chair with five massage intensity levels. It the most visually appealing massage chairs in our collection. Kahuna massage chairs are well-known for being long-lasting, efficient, extremely effective, and stylish. On each of these criteria, the EM 8500 is adjusted. If you're in the market for a massage chair, you may as well consider this beast! In this post, we'll go over the features of the Kahuna EM 8500 massage chair and provide an in-depth evaluation of it. Let's get this party started.

Highly Adjustable 4d Massage Technology

The Kahuna EM 8500 is a cutting-edge 4D massage chair with massage roller heads that rotate in three distinct directions. The rollers travel up and down, side to side, and in and out of the back muscles. The speed adjustment of the rollers is the massage chair's fourth dimension. You may either manually control the pace of the massage rollers or allow the massage chair to do it for you. Five 4D intensity levels range from mild to solid massage intensity. If you enjoy a high-quality deep-tissue massage, the Kahuna EM 8500 will be your closest buddy for many years.

Hybrid Sl-Track (Hsl)

The hybrid SL-Track design of the Kahuna EM 8500 allows it to give a powerful full-body massage. The initial half of the roller track is shaped like an 'S,' allowing the roller heads to move in sync with the curvature of your spine. This track will massage all of your back's pressure spots. The second portion of this pathway runs beneath the seat and terminates in the upper hamstring. Thanks to this hybrid technology, the rollers will massage all of your pain spots, from your neck to your upper hamstrings.

Advanced Massage Techniques

Kahuna EM 8500 specializes in various massage methods. Its rollers can do the kneading, tapping, rolling, flapping, tapping + kneading, and other combination massages. When these approaches are combined with 4D technology, the end effect is even more spectacular. Furthermore, the strength of the massage is very adjustable.

24 Automatic Massage Programs

These massage chairs pad has 24 massage programs separated into three categories: Classic, Specialty, and Elite Target.

Classic Massage Modes (For Everyday Massage)

  • Renew: This auto massage mode prioritizes your mental wellness.
  • Refresh: This mode cleanses your body and revitalizes your mind.
  • When you're fatigued, the ideal massage mode is recovery.
  • Stretching improves mobility and flexibility.
  • Morning: This mode prepares you for the day's tasks.
  • Night: The night massage mode promotes restful sleep.
  • Anti-Stress: This mode calms both your mind and your spirit.
  • Energie: If you're feeling tired, this auto mode will reenergize you.

Modes Of Specialty Massage (Customized Massage Programs)

  • Salesman: This option is intended for those who must frequently travel for their jobs.
  • House Wife: A program for women who work from home.
  • Office Clerk: If you spend your days sitting at a desk in front of a computer, this massage program is for you.
  • Gamer: If you spend all day sitting on a gaming chair, this setting will relieve your back discomfort.
  • Driver: A massage program designed specifically for those who spend most of their time driving for work.
  • Sportsman: If you participate in any physically demanding sport, this massage mode will aid in the recovery of your tissues.
  • Server: This mode relieves stress throughout the body for those who do much work with their hands.

Target Modes For Elites (Massage Modes Targeting Different Body Regions)

  • Neck: If you are experiencing discomfort in the back of your neck, this automatic routine will relieve it.
  • Neck & Shoulder: A mix of massages for the neck and shoulder areas.
  • Back relief: A series of massage methods explicitly designed for your upper and lower back.
  • Stretching exercises for the waist with tapping massage.
  • Waist & Hip: A combined massage treatment for the waist and hips beneficial to the lower back.
  • Leg & Feet: A massage regimen designed just for your legs and feet.
  • Upper body massage: A massage treatment that focuses solely on the upper body.
  • Lower body massage: A massage treatment that focuses solely on the lower body.
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