Dryer Vent Cleaning: Is Once A Year Enough?


Stop your look for air duct cleaning near me. We'll assist you discover the sole dryer vent cleaners in Bradenton and thus the remainder of the Florida area.

Dryer vents catch lint, dust clothing fibers, and other debris that builds up during the drying cycle. These materials can easily go up in flames if they're not removed.

Cleaning out a dryer vent after every cycle helps. You'll also need a more thorough, professional clean from time to time.

Knowing how often to rent a driver vent cleaning service is that the only because of keep your machine as safe and efficient as possible. Read our guide to hunt out out what frequency you'd like and thus the way knowledgeable can assist you.

Cleaning Frequency

The average household will need knowledgeable cleaning a minimum of once a year. Commercial vents won't need the service as often but should still use it a minimum of every few years.

The frequency you'd like depends on several factors like how often you're doing laundry.

The average professional dryer vent cleaning cost is $89-179. It varies supported factors slightly a bit like the dimensions and sort of dryer you employ.

Signs Your Vents got to Be Cleaned

Keeping your vents freed from debris is sort of a matter of cleanliness; it's also important to make sure your safety.

There are a minimum of 15,970 house fires caused by dryers or washing machines once a year. Dust, fibers, or lint caused 26% of those fires.

Look for warning signs of a dryer fire to stop it before it starts. There are several signs that you simply simply need professional dryer vent cleaning include.

Start By Watching The Machine Itself.

A burning smell is one among the foremost obvious signs of a clogged dryer vent. The lint and dirt trapped within may have already sparked. Turn the machine off directly.

Check to work out if lint gets pushed out of your dryer vent once you turn it on. This means a severe buildup and a huge fire hazard.

Once You've Verified Your Dryer, Check Your Clothes.

Your clothes or machine can become too hot to the touch if hot air gets trapped inside because of a clogged vent. Your clothes can also take too long to dry or remain damp because of limited airflow.

If you notice any of those signs, call a dryer vent cleaning company directly. Don't wait until a unclean vent causes a hearth.


The main reason for cleaning is eliminating fire hazards. It keeps lint, dust, and other flammable material out of your machine.

Cleaning it'll also increase the lifetime of your machine and reduce drying times.

You'll even enjoy lower electricity bills due to regular dryer vent cleaning. Your machine won't need to work as hard and can use less power.

Where To Hunt Out A Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

Dryers are a huge explanation for fires thanks to the flammable debris that builds up within them. This makes dryer vent cleaning an important service.

Clean out the vent after every drying cycle and hire knowledgeable to undertake to to the remainder. You'll need them a minimum of once a year for your home. You'd wish to also develop a daily cleaning schedule for your commercial buildings.

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