Cool Flags to Decorate Your Home and Garden


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word flag?

You think about the flag of our country, about our identity as a nation, and the pride that we feel when we see it raised high in the sky.

Well, whether it be your American flag or taking the design idea and placing flags around the house, you can use them as more than just the identity of our beloved land.

There are many ways to use flags to bring color and vibe to an otherwise boring place. You can use them as permanent fixtures around the house and also add them on seasonally.

Finding places where you can get discount flags from are very easy. There are many festive ideas that you can use without getting bored.

Let's find out where we can add them on to make our space look even better:

In Your Garden:

It can be your front yard or your backyard, you can use the little triangles to create some amazing scenery for yourself. You can thank your lucky stars because flags never go out of fashion and you can keep changing the style outside to match with the season.

For your front yard, you can address yard signs by the front door or add them on to your letterbox. You can also find small yard flags to add to your space if you don't have a big set up and make a comfortable little space for yourself.

This also works, for your backyard, as you want to use more space for sitting. You can add those around the windows or near your garden shed.

To Celebrate:

Not only decorations for your home, but also for the many occasions that you celebrate throughout your life.

They are a great idea for different party decors.

If you are holding a marriage ceremony in an open area or even a closed one, they can be found in different fabrics and colors to be used as wedding decorations. If you are holding it in a garden, you can add a small garden flag at the entrance customized with the name of the special couple.

They also work great for birthday decorations or any kind of outdoor party that you want to have. If you add on a garden flag pole, you can keep switching between the occasions as the seasons turn.

They can always be added on as a great addition for any occasion and for every event that you want to celebrate.

Fly it Away in Your Room:

Even if you don't always have a yard to decorate, you have your rooms. Though you may think that outdoor flags are the only ones in fashion, but, there are some really cool ideas for your indoor settings.

Just add the colorful little triangles above your drawer chest or bed to add more color. It can be especially used for children's rooms with their choice of characters printed or glued on top. Easy to add on and take off as they grow older and want to change things up.

You can also use little cushions in the shapes inspired by flags to add on your sofas with little sayings of your choice. There are different decoration pieces that you can find around in the trinket stores, you can make a complete collection out of them also.

You can add on the pride of your country in the hallway to represent your feelings and give it the respect that it deserves there. Make sure, you do follow the proper etiquettes if you do decide to add it on in your space.

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