Are Memoirs, Autobiographies, and Biographies the Same Thing?


Memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies are three different ways to tell a non-fiction story (generally) about a specific person but, the keyword in the previous statement is 'non-fiction.'

Everything in (all three categories) must be true and the best accurate version of the author's abilities. This means, if a memoir ghostwriter is writing about someone else, he/she cannot write what they think the client must've a certain way felt in any scenario.

However, the memoir ghostwriter can interview the client and ask questions. According to several Memoir Ghost Writers and Autobiography Ghost Writers, a majority of people like to read memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies mainly because they highlight a single person's life-non-fiction life.

What is a Memoir?

A memoir is a collection of personal memories related to the author, linking to specific moments or experiences in their life. The memoir ghostwriter writes the book in first-person point of view, i.e., from the author's perspective.

Although memoirs tell a true story, they still focuses on delivering an engaging narrative, similar to a novel. This gives memoir ghostwriters a little more flexibility and space to work upon the story and change it slightly for a pleasing narrative effect. However, it is incredibly crucial that the dialogues and scenarios are represented as accurately as they can. After all, no one likes a defamation lawsuit!

Here's one of our favorite and popular memoir: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

What Is the Difference?

The main feature that separates a memoir apart from autobiographies and biographies is its scope. While the other two focus on the entire timeline of a person's life, memoirs elaborate on one aspect, such as addiction, parenting, divorce, trauma, adolescence, disease, faith, etc. In a memoir, you, the author, are the protagonist/main character, so your thoughts and feelings should be conveyed through your words to touch a reader's heart.

Don't worry if this all is hard for you to grasp in the first go; we've all been there! If you're a new writer trying to write a memoir, look through these main points to learn all the essential key points. Our Memoir Ghost Writers and Autobiography Ghost Writers curated this especially to guide new authors:

Point to Memorize for a Memoir:

  • Memoirs are written from first personal point of view (even if a memoir ghostwriter is hired to execute the job.)
  • Narrow in the timeline.
  • It is focused more on feelings and memories rather than facts and figures. You need to make sure the reader understands the pain or happiness you were going through.
  • Memoirs are less formal as compared to biographies and autobiographies.
  • Memoir ghostwriters have more flexibility to tweak the story for effects.

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