Airbnb Cleaning Service: How The Airbnb Cleaning Fee Works


Today, let us clear all your doubts about the Airbnb cleaning services. Airbnb offers hosts the ability to charge extra fees for various items, including Airbnb cleaning service. This works as a guarantee for the guest that the accommodation will be impeccable upon arrival and imposes an obligation on the host to do so. Otherwise, the host will receive a negative review that affects thereputation. We answer your questions about this Airbnb cleaning charges and rates. Take note!

What is the Airbnb cleaning fee, and how does it work?

The Airbnb cleaning fee is an additional charge to the nightly rate and service fee charged to the guest when requesting a reservation. When a guest reviews an ad, the Airbnb cleaning service fee is included in the nightly price. Once you are going to pay, the price is broken down, and both concepts, together with the service fee, are presented separately.

Is this cleaning fee mandatory on Airbnb?

Hosts are not required to include Airbnb cleaning chargesin their advertisements. However, guests cannot give it up. That is, if the accommodation you want to book includes a cleaning fee, you will have to pay it. Although, as mentioned, this charge is already included in the price shown in the advertisement.

This payment is non-refundable, so it will not be returned to guests after the accommodation period. Call the Airbnb cleaning company for more information.

Who determines how much to charge for Airbnb cleaning?

The established rate is unique, regardless of the number of nights to stay and depends entirely on the host. This amount is automatically added to the total price in this way:

  • (Price per night x nights you stay) + (one-time cleaning fee)

The only condition is that the Airbnb cleaning fee is between $ 113 and $ 13,680.

For example, if your accommodation charges $ 300 per night and a single rate of $ 113 and a traveller stays for 4 nights, the total price that will be shown in the ad is:

  • ($ 300 x 4) + ($ 113) = $ 1,200 + $ 113 = $ 1,313

Should I check the expenses covered by the Airbnb cleaning fee?

Not necessarily. Airbnb does not ask for vouchers for this concept. However, it is highly recommended that you keep them, as they will serve you if the guest requests them. In addition, requesting the corresponding invoices, you can deduct that amount from your taxes under the concept of Maintenance Expenses. From then on, that rate will automatically be applied to the price each time a guest sees your listing.

Working with the Airbnb cleaning service fee is tricky, as by including it, guests will expect a perfect cleanliness level. If you decide to make this charge, make sure that it is. Otherwise, you could receive a bad review and/or rating on your ad.

How do I include an Airbnb cleaning fee in a listing?

Adding a cleaning fee to an ad is a breeze.

How to clean Airbnb rooms

Do you think an Airbnb room can be cleaned in 30 minutes? And in 20 minutes? The answer is yes. But it is no less true that the result may not be the best, especially in summer, high season or if you do not follow basic rules.

This detail worries us because the cleanliness of the Airbnb directly implies the opinion that our clients can take from our establishment. And these important details cannot be left to chance.

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