A2000 All-Star: Mastering the A2000 Baseball Glove Collection



Welcome to the pinnacle of baseball glove excellence – the A2000 Collection. In this comprehensive guide, we navigate through the intricacies of the A2000 glove, a series that stands as a testament to Wilson's commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and unparalleled quality.

The Legacy of A2000

A Heritage of Excellence

The A2000 baseball glove collection, a beacon in the world of baseball gloves, boasts a heritage that spans generations. With each glove meticulously crafted, the A2000 series has become synonymous with excellence on the diamond. From Little League enthusiasts to Major League All-Stars, the A2000 is a choice that transcends levels of play.

Precision Craftsmanship

What sets the A2000 apart is its commitment to precision craftsmanship. Every A2000 glove undergoes a meticulous process, from the selection of the finest Pro Stock leather to the expert assembly by skilled artisans. The result is a glove that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of players worldwide.

Exploring the A2000 All-Star Collection

A2000 Pitcher's Gloves

  • A2000 DP15: Designed in collaboration with Dustin Pedroia, this A2000 baseball glove offers a shallow pocket for quick transfers, making it ideal for infielders who demand agility and control.
  • A2000 1786: A popular choice among middle infielders, the 1786 model provides a snug fit, quick break-in, and a versatile design that adapts to various playing styles.

A2000 Outfielder's Gloves

  • A2000 1799: This A2000 glove, favored by outfielders, features a deeper pocket for exceptional catching performance. The 12.75-inch pattern provides ample coverage for fly balls and line drives.
  • A2000 OT6: Crafted with a six-finger trap web, the OT6 is a go-to choose for outfielders seeking maximum visibility and control in the field.

A2000 Catcher's Mitts

  • A2000 M1: Engineered for elite catchers, the M1 boasts a half-moon web and a deep pocket, enhancing the catcher's ability to secure pitches with precision.
  • A2000 Pudge: Inspired by the legendary Ivan Rodriguez, the Pudge model combines durability with a classic design, making it a top choice for catchers at all levels.

A2000 vs. Competitors: Unmatched Quality

Pro Stock Leather vs. Synthetic Materials

The heart of the A2000 baseball glove lies in its use of Pro Stock leather, sourced for its durability and superior feel. Unlike competitors that often rely on synthetic materials, the A2000's authentic leather ensures longevity, a quick break-in, and a natural, game-ready feel.

Dual Welting vs. Single Welting

Wilson's patented Dual Welting Technology sets the A2000 glove apart from gloves with single welting. This innovation involves two strips of leather along each finger's back, creating a sturdy pocket and maintaining the glove's shape over time.

Choosing Your Perfect A2000: Factors to Consider

Position-Specific Gloves

One of the key strengths of the A2000 collection lies in its position-specific gloves. Whether you're a pitcher, infielder, outfielder, or catcher, there's a meticulously designed A2000 baseball glove to suit your needs.

Sizing and Fit

The A2000 series offers various sizing options to accommodate different hand sizes and preferences. Finding the right fit is crucial for optimal performance, and the A2000 ensures a diverse range to cater to players of all ages.


In the realm of baseball gloves, the A2000 All-Star Collection emerges as a true luminary. From the meticulously crafted designs to the innovative technologies that set it apart, the A2000 glove is more than a glove; it's an extension of the player's skill and dedication to the game.

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